Sail the world and discover all the newest, most unique and unforgettable cruises…


Picture of Large Cruise LinerHow Do You Choose?


If you’re trying to choose the best cruise for You…


There are so many choices, but I’m here to help you cut through all the details and pick the very best cruise for you.


On a cruise, you can travel anywhere in the world. You can travel on large ships with activities such as golf, mountain climbing and romantic restaurants.


Or you can cruise on a small, intimate ship where you almost feel like you are the owner.


There are also river cruises, barge cruises, antarctic cruises, celebrity and educational cruises. The choices are nearly endless.


But how to choose…that’s the problem.


Whether this will be your first cruise or you’ve take many before, there are always exciting changes happening within the industry and here you can be sure you won’t miss any news.


Best of all, this is the place for unbiased information that you can count on.


This is the place for answers. As you browse through Epic Cruising, you will find an unbiased source of information about all of the cruise lines, along with all the up-to-date information available about cruising.


This is a great place to learn all about what cruising is, how to choose a ship and an itinerary, and find answers to the many questions about how to get to the port, what to pack, which shore excursions to take and what about staying a few extra days before or after your cruise.


Over the past few years, the cruise industry has been introducing many new ships and making exciting changes to existing ships. Some of the cruise lines have merged and created even more new choices for you.


Nothing ever stays the same!


So, I will work hard to keep you up-to-date on the many, many cruises available and hope I can help you choose just the right one.


Hope you have a great time!



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