Australia-New Zealand

Australia is considered one of the top cruise destinations in the World because of its numerous UNESCO World Heritages sites, awe-inspiring beaches, unique indigenous cultures, beautiful natural parks, world-class shopping and award-winning wineries. Everyone taking advantage of  interline discounts on cruises around Australian is sure to find something that amazes them.

If you are short on travel time, then consider taking an adventure-filled cruise using interline rates leaving Sydney and stopping in Melbourne and Port Arthur before returning to Sydney. These 3-day cruises are the perfect weekend getaway allowing you time to explore iconic landmarks while relaxing.

If you have a little more time, then consider combining your discounted Australian cruise with a cruise to New Zealand. Explore the country’s capital Wellington, see the National Aquarium of New Zealand at Napier and explore the extinct volcano and the hot saltwater pools at Tauranga. Australian and New Zealand cruises booked with interline discounts have so many different choices that making up your mind on right one might be a challenge but we’re here to help.

Take advantage of your interline rates to book multiple cruises allowing you to see Australia and New Zealand throughout the cruising year. You will discover that each experience is unique, but you can be assured of being treated like royalty on each one.

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