Celebrity’s Top Chef at Sea

Back by popular demand — Celebrity’s 2015 Top Chef Signature Sailing, where your clients will be joined by six of Top Chef’s popular and talented cheftestants on a delicious island — hopping journey through the Caribbean.

–Night Eastern Caribbean Getaway Cruise
Celebrity Reflection®
November 14, 2015
Miami round-trip

Featured Cheftestants: Gregory Gourdet, Doug Adams, Nina Compton, Chris Crary, Tiffany Derry, Ash Fulk

Top Chef Signature Sailing Activities
Meet & Greets
Just one opportunity to hobnob with the chefs, take photos, and ask questions

Quickfire Challenge
Three teams, guided by a Top Chef chef, will battle against each other in a series of culinary challenges (everything from peeling potatoes to preparing an entrée). Fellow guests in the audience will determine the winner.

Top Chef Night in the Main Restaurant
This interactive dining experience is hosted by the chefs and features full menus of dishes they created.

Private Cooking Classes (additional charge and limited availability)
The six chefs will each host a private cooking class. After the learning is done, the group will savor a delicious lunch in one of our specialty restaurants.

Private Dinners (additional charge and limited availability)
The chefs will each host a private dinner that features a complete menu of dishes created by the hosting chef. This mouthwatering event will be held in one of our specialty restaurants.

NEW! “Dual” Cooking Demonstrations
This time around, we’re taking our cooking demonstrations to the next level. The two participating chefs will be battling against each other as they tell the audience about the dishes they’re preparing and answer questions from the audience. In the end, the audience members choose the winner.

NEW! Chef–hosted Shore Excursions (additional charge and limited availability)
Join the chefs ashore! Some chefs will host specially chosen shore excursions that let you experience the destinations with them.

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